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Toyota CH-R

The table shows the cost of the ECU firmware. Stage 2, 3, 4 does not include the cost of spare parts and installation of additional equipment to achieve the declared capacity.

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116 HP
185 Nm
Stage 1
130 HP
225 Nm

Stage1 - reprogramming the control unit and the use of high-octane gasoline

Stage2 - Stage1 + installation of a downpipe and optionally a zero resistance filter

Stage3 - Stage2 + upgraded turbine, increased exhaust system cross-section, intercooler (+ improvement of the fuel system and engine cooling system)

10% discount when ordering chip tuning through the site

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Chip tuning Toyota CH-R from GRADE

Why manufacturers do not do this

The manufacturer is forced to compromise between engine power and the following factors in different countries:

  • different climatic conditions
  • speed modes on the road
  • different fuel quality
  • environmental standards for exhaust emissions
  • dependence on the power of the cost of taxes and car insurance

Automakers are forced to design an engine management program to take into account the above factors with a very wide range of tolerances.

Impact of chip tuning
on engine life

Chip tuning uses the latent potential inherent in the plant engine resources for further modifications.

For example, a BMW engine with a 3.0-liter diesel engine has been produced for many years with minor modifications to additional equipment and software. Without an increase in volume, it had a power of 218 hp. up to 381 hp From this we can conclude that the engine has a high margin of safety.

As practice shows, the engine’s service life is more influenced by its correct operation - timely technical maintenance (MOT) and the use of high-quality consumables: oil, filters.

In this example, we can conclude that correctly executed reprogramming does not affect the motor resource.

Keep factory warranty

We are able to edit the firmware so that the car retains the factory warranty

On some cars, before visiting the dealer, it is better to return the factory firmware, then we will return everything back for free
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How chip tuning saves fuel

The increase in power is achieved due to more precise adjustments and the supply of the working mixture, respectively, the fuel is consumed more efficiently.

Plus, with an increase in power and torque, the logic of the gearbox changes, it switches at lower engine speeds, since it reaches the desired torque earlier. Thus, the lower the engine speed, the lower the fuel consumption.

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